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Project overview

About the client

Entrepreneurs Night Out is a monthly networking event in Sofia, Bulgaria, which aims to bring together a community of exceptional people dedicated to business and entrepreneurship in one place. The mission of the initiative is to contribute to the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Bulgaria by organising events for a supportive and active community.

Main challenge

As the event is completely free to attend and not financially supported by organisations, we had to attract the attention of potential community members by creating a website, strong visual identity and advertising. The goal was to create a design that helps popularizing Entrepreneurs night out among the citizens, provoking positive emotions, and motivating them to join the community.

My role

  • Logo design
  • New visual identity
  • Website design
  • Wireframing
  • Lo-fi and high-fi prototyping
  • Design of advertising materials

Targeted user group

Addressing the business need and the user group

Entrepreneurs Night Out targets mainly people in their active years, entrepreneurs or individuals with interest in this field, business owners and creative minds. The statistics from the past events show that they are mainly attended by people in the age of 22-35 years.
Thus, the website and visual identity were designed for the following persona group:

  • Nationality: mainly Bulgarians and Europeans
  • Age: 22-35 years
  • Psychological type: mainly extroverts
  • Knowledge & skills: People with technical education, computer literate, speaking fluent English
  • Occupation: Entrepreneurs, business owners, explorers, artists, adventurers

My approach

Logo design & identity

The event had an outdated logo and almost no identity when I took the task to design the website. That’s why all the work had to start from one of the most important components - the new logo that kind of inspired the new visual direction as well.

Sketches and exploring layouts

Sketching is a step I try not to miss as it allows me flexibility while iterating and making decisions faster. Before jumping to prototyping, all components of the project were drafted and thought through mindfully.

Wireframes & lo-fi prototypes

The early prototyping phase allowed me to define patterns and components in order to ensure the consistency of the website. It also helped defining the responsive layouts that helped the developer after.

The website

Fully responsive

Logo & visual identity

Font & colors


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