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Project overview

About the client

Portfolio institutional is the UK branch of Portfolio Verlag - an established publisher for the UK and German financial services industry. They deliver innovative content, in-depth analysis and expert opinion to institutional and semi-institutional investors in the UK and Europe aiming to communicate and inform them about the investment sector.

Main challenge

As the client was a well-known and established publisher posting lots of content and articles on their website, the main goal of the project was to redesign the website so that we:

  • improve the usability and readability
  • design more user-friendly navigation
  • create a more modern and minimalistic overall look

My role

  • Redesign of their website
  • Wireframes
  • Email newsletter design
  • High-quality prototypes

* The project was created thanks to and in coollaboration with Olive Digital Consultancy Ltd.

Targeted user group

Addressing the business need and the user group

As a publisher in the financial industry,  the website had to “speak the language” of people in the investment and financial industry. The tone of voice and the visual identity had to be minimalistic, serious, very corporative, but at the same time feel modern and fresher.
As there is a lot of content on the website, one of the main missions was to make it easily scannable and more perceivable.

My approach

Fully remote team, following Scrum methodology

The project was designed by me, but developed and coordinated by Olive Digital Consultancy, based in Coventry, UK.

We formed a small remote team and operated with agile principles always in mind. My work was included in the development sprints, with the first sprint being saved only for design. That allowed us to define the structure of the website, validate it with the stakeholders and start the parallel development work after Sprint 1. That approached helped us have a live website just after 3 months of work.

The website


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