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Project overview

About the client

Pulse Pixel is an award-winning animation studio, based in UK.  They specialise in creating animated explainer videos that can present every business in a short, unique and engaging way.

Pulse Pixel creates different types of video content from commercials to explainer and image videos. They focus on crafting custom video stories that encourage viewers to take specific actions.

Main challenge

As the client is a creative studio with lots of visual content to present, the main goal of the project was to redesign the website so that:

  • it reflects the brand image and clearly communicates the message
  • we showcase the diverse portfolio of realised videos
  • we create a more modern, more dynamic and minimalistic overall look
  • we improve the usability and increase the conversion rates

My role

  • Detailed audit of the previous website
  • Redesign of their website
  • Wireframing
  • Lo-fi and high-fi prototyping

* The project was created thanks to and in coollaboration with Olive Digital Consultancy Ltd.

Targeted user group

Addressing the business need and the user group

The targeted user group included company owners and businesses of different size looking for creative services and ways to engage their users. Our challenge and main goal was to design a website that differentiates from the competitive creative studios and has a strong visual presence along with very straightforward and well-thought content. The tone of voice and the visual identity had to be very dynamic and vivid with a clear focus to video content, while at the same time feeling minimalistic, modern and fresher.

My approach

Fully remote team, following Scrum methodology

The project was designed by me, but developed and coordinated by Olive Digital Consultancy, based in Coventry, UK.

We formed a small remote team and operated with agile principles always in mind. My design work was included in the development sprints, going one sprint ahead. That allowed us to define the structure of the website, have regular feedback from the stakeholders and keep the design, business and technical side working in a fully synchronised way.

Detailed audit of the previous website

In order to fully understand the challenge, I spent quite some time analysing the previous website - what the main issues were and how it could be improved. I set clear goals from a design perspective and validated them with the stakeholders from the very beginning.

Wireframes & lo-fi prototypes

The early prototyping phase allowed me to define patterns and components in order to ensure the consistency of the website. It also helped defining the information architecture, discussing and aligning the initial approach with the client.

UI design & hi-fi prototypes

The UI of the website was designed to fully correspond with the brand identity of Pulse Pixel. Their logo inspired the use of various graphics and shapes that complete the look of the sections and add dynamic through delicate animation and micro-interactions.

Before & after

The website

Fully responsive

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