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Project overview

About the client

Troubleshooter is an IT company providing managed services to businesses, along with a full range of services, such as support, DevOps, server & systems administration, networks, security, incident management and consultancy.

The team of Troubleshooter focuses on transparency and values open communication, dedication and hard work.

Main challenge

As the competitor list of IT companies is endless nowadays, the main goal of the redesign was to create a website that:

  • has a modern, more dynamic and minimalistic overall look with improved information architecture and usability
  • reflects the brand image, goals and clearly communicates the message and different services
  • showcases the diverse portfolio of projects connected to different type of expertise

My role

  • Detailed audit of the previous website
  • Complete redesign of the home page
  • Improving the information architecture
  • Design of several new pages
  • Wireframing
  • High-quality prototypes
  • Design of micro-interactions

My approach

Detailed audit of the previous website

As usual, every redesign process starts with a detailed audit of the current website. I analysed and listed the main issues, which included lack of consistency, clear navigation, visual hierarchy and rhythm. Clear design goals were set and validated with the stakeholders from the very beginning.

Wireframes & lo-fi prototypes

To achieve consistency and structure the information architecture mindfully, I used the early prototyping phase to define the main patterns and components. This phase was ideal for an early round of iteration and feedback with the client. It also helped defining the approach for the next phase.

UI design & hi-fi prototypes

The website was designed to correspond much better with the brand identity of Troubleshooter. Their logo inspired the use of some graphics and shapes that complete the look of the sections and add more dynamic to the whole perception and user experience.

Before & after

The website

Fully responsive

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