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Project overview

About the client

Launchee is a place in the heart of Sofia, designed especially for virtual and in-person events, workshops, trainings and collaborations. Launchee has the space, technology and professional team to bring online and hybrid events and trainings to the next level and turn them into interactive, engaging and valuable experiences.

Launchee needed a website that reflects the goals of the initiative, inspires growth, exploration and dives deep into the space theme as its name suggests it.

Main challenge

The main organisational challenge was designing and building a website for events space in the middle of a global pandemic and quarantine period. This meant no physical events, which lead to a lot of restructuring, revisiting components, pages and flows that were already planned and created.

From a visual point of view there was a challenge to combine the space theme and graphics with photography and videos of events and people.

My role

  • Website redesign
  • Responsive website building on Webflow
  • Prototyping
  • Interaction design

My approach

Upgrading the foundations & ensuring consistency

Launchee’s website had to evolve really fast in order to adapt to the new situation during Covid-19.  My role as a designer included:

  • full audit of the then version and all components of the website
  • deleting outdated and unnecessary content, pages and sections
  • creating an updated style guide for better consistency

Magic on Webflow

  • rewriting some of the CSS classes
  • deleting outdated content, pages and sections
  • updating the main navigation and the footer
  • creating numerous new pages
  • integrating new tools in order to automate processes
  • creating dynamic pages that handle content-driven components, such as events, blog articles and video galleries
  • adding micro interactions that compliment the usability and enhance the user experience

The website

Launchee's video library

Custom-built video library

Dynamic content management

Filtering and searching options

Fully responsive

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Special shoutout

Fully custom 3D graphics

The overall visual look of the website is achieved and enhanced with the usage of various graphics and photographs. They were custom designed or shot for each specific need of the website by Rumen Kitov.  You can follow his work on Behance.

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